Sweet Potato Balls in Coconut Sugar Syrup

Bubur candil ubi means actually sweet potatoes balls porridge. This dessert is very popular in Indonesia, especially during Ramadhan where the Muslims fast. At the sunset the Muslims break their fast with some 'takjil' which means sweet foods that are eaten first after fasting.

These sweet potato balls have a chewy texture from the tapioca starch. The combination of sweet and light savory taste from the coconut milk makes this dessert perfect.

Sweet Potato Balls in Brown Sugar Syrup (Photo Credit : Veronica)

Sweet Potato Balls in Coconut Sugar Syrup

Serve: 5

You need :
a potato masher

Ingredients :
350 gr sweet potatoes, peel and cut into chunks
2 tbsp sugar
150 gr tapioca starch
a pinch of salt

For the coconut sugar syrup :
1 L water
100 gr coconut sugar (gula jawa)
1 pandan leaf, make a knot
a pinch of salt
1,5 tbsp tapioca starch + water

Extra :
cooked coconut milk + pinch of salt

Steps :
Boil sweet potatoes until softened. Then drain them into a mixing bowl. Mash them with a potato masher.

Add in sugar, salt and tapioca starch. Mix together until well combined. Take about 15 grams of the mixture, roll it into a ball. Put it aside. Repeat until the mixture is finished. Set aside, cover them with a cloth to prevent them from drying out.

For the syrup. Put all ingredients (except tapioca starch) mixture into a pot over medium heat. Boil them until the sugar melts. Turn the heat down into low-heat.

Prepare a big pot with water over medium-high heat. Wait until the water simmers, then boil the sweet potato balls they float. Then transfer them into the syrup.

To serve, take sweet potato balls and the syrup into a serving bowl. Pour in coconut milk.

Recipe by Veronica

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