Fried Wonton

I have posted another version of wonton before, Shrimp Wonton Soup. In south China and many south-east Asian countries, wonton are eaten with noodles as side dish, like Chicken and Mushroom Noodles.

In almost every asia markets in Europe, you will find frozen wonton skin/wrapper and they usually have two different style, which are skin for soup and for frying. The skin for soup is a little bit thinner as another one, but actually it won't bring very big differences if you use the thick one for wonton soup or the thin one for frying.

Fried Wonton (Photo credit : Veronica)

Mie Ayam Jamur (Photo credit : Veronica)

Fried Wonton

Makes 40 wontons

Ingredients :
40 wonton wrappers/skin
frying oil

Filling :
400 gr ground pork
1 tsp sesame oil
1 garlic, mince
1 tbsp soy sauce
½ tsp fish sauce
pinch of salt
pinch of ground white pepper
1 stalk spring onion, chop

Extra :
sweet chili sauce for dipping

Steps :
For the filling, mix all ingredients in a bowl with a table spoon until well combined.

Wrapping. Take a wrapper, put it onto the palm of your hand. Put about 1 tsp of the filling onto it. Smear the edges with water then carefully take a corner and fold across the filling into another corner. Press the edges to stick them together. Take 2 another corners then bring them together and stick them with water. Repeat this process until finished. (There are many way to wrap wonton, you don't have to follow my wrapping instructions. if you find another easier ways, just go ahead 🙂 )

Prepare a frying pan over medium high heat. Pour in oil and wait until the oil is ready. Put 5-6 wontons into the oil (depends on your pan size), fry them until become golden brown. Drain into paper towel to remove excess oil. Repeat until finished. Do not crowd the pan to get crispy result.

Serve with sweet chili dipping sauce.

Recipe by Veronica

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