Green Asparagus Risotto

I had leftover green asparagus yesterday and why am I not making a simple asparagus dish. I was craving for risotto so I decided to combine these green asparagus with risotto, of course with a lot of Parmesan to make it "cheesy", I love it! This healthy dish is also suitable for vegetarians, just substitute the chicken stock with vegetable stock.

Green Asparagus Risotto (Photo credit : Veronica)
Green Asparagus Risotto (Photo credit : Veronica)

Green Asparagus Risotto

Serve : 2

Ingredients :
175 gr risotto rice
½ onion, peel and chop
4 tbsp olive oil
600 ml chicken stock
25 gr grated Parmesan cheese
a pinch of saffron
salt and pepper to taste

Steps :
Into a flat-bottomed pan over medium high heat, add in olive oil and onion. Saute onion until fragrance for about 1 minutes. Then add in the rice. Stir them for a while.

Pour in 200 ml stock, let them cook until the stock reduces. Add in another 200 ml stock, and repeat the process until the stock finishes and the rice softens. In between, add in saffron.

Add in chopped asparagus, Parmesan, salt and pepper. Stir them until well combined and the asparagus become tender. Turn off the heat, transfer into serving plates.

Recipe by Veronica

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