Nasi Lemak (Malaysian Coconut Milk Rice)

It is said that nasi lemak is Malaysian national dish which also popular in Singapore. "Nasi" means rice and "lemak" means fat, but it doesn't mean that nasi lemak is very fatty or oily. It's because the rice is cooked with coconut milk and it makes them creamy. Nasi lemak is served with some simple dishes like boiled egg, cucumber slices, dried anchovies, fried chicken, peanuts and sambal terasi (in Malaysia it is called "sambal belacan").

Nasi Lemak (Photo credit : Veronica)

Nasi Lemak (Malaysian Coconut Milk Rice)

Serve : 6

You need :
a rice cooker
a blender or a food processor

Ingredients :
Coconut Milk Rice :
580 gr (or 640 ml or 4 rice-cup) jasmine rice, wash
250 ml coconut milk
450 ml water
pinch of salt
1 lemon grass, smash
1 bay leaf
1 pandan leaf

Fried Chicken :
1.2 kg chicken thighs
1 lemon grass
2 bay leaves
200 ml water
frying oil
Spice paste for fried chicken :
80 gr shallots, peel
5 cloves garlic, peel
6 candle nuts
20 gr ginger, peel
1 tsp coriander seeds
⅓ tsp cumin
½ sdt lengkuas
1 sdt kunyit
3 tbsp cooking oil
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp Javanese sugar
1 tsp salt

Extra :
hard boiled eggs
dried anchovies
salted peanuts
cucumber slices
sambal terasi (shrimp chili paste)

Steps :
Rice. Put rice into rice cooker pot. Add in salt, bay leaf, pandan leaf and lemon grass. Pour in coconut milk and water. Let them cook until finish.

Fried Chicken. Put all spices (for the paste) into a blender or a food processor, blend them together with high speed until become a smooth paste. Set aside.
Prepare a wok or a big pan over medium high heat, add in the paste, bay leaves and lemon grass, fry them together until fragrance then add in the chicken thighs and water. Mix them carefully until the paste covers the chicken. Turn off the heat, let them cool and marinated for hours.
After marinating, prepare a frying pan over medium high heat, pour in frying oil then deep fry the marinated chicken thighs until fully cooked. Drain onto paper towel to remove excess oil. Repeat until finished, do not overcrowd the pan to get the crispy chicken skin.

To serve, put rice onto a serving plate, arrange the fried chicken, dried anchovies, peanuts, cucumber slices, boiled egg and sambal terasi.

Recipe by Veronica

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