Niçoise Salad

Niçoise salad (read: nis-soaz) comes originally from Nice (read: nis), a beautiful city located in French Rivera (Côte d'Azur, read: kot-dea-syu) in southeastern France. First time I tried this salad was in Nice itself. I was on vacation with my family and found this salad in a restaurant. It was just a simpe salad with olive oil as its dressing, but it tasted so good. What makes this salad different from the others are boiled potato slices and green beans.

Niçoise salad usually contains lettuce or other salad leaves, tuna (canned), tomatoes, olives, anchovies, boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, boiled green beans. I like also to add some mozarella balls (which makes my niçoise salad a mixture between french and italian style). Some people use mayonaisse for dressing, but I like to use olive oil and vinegar (balsamic vinegar) as its dressing.

Niçoise Salad (Photo Credit : Veronica)

Niçoise Salad with Dressing (Photo credit : Veronica)

Niçoise Salad

Serve : 2-4

Ingredients :
100 gr romana + 100 gr lettuce (or 200 gr mixed salad leaves), wash and chop
200 gr potatoes, boil
75 gr green beans, boil
12 cherry tomatoes, cut into half
8 black olives
2 hard boiled eggs, peel and cut
140 gr canned tuna in olive oil, drain
100 gr mozarella cheese balls (optional)
2 anchovies, mash

Dressing :
90 ml olive oil
30 ml balsamic vinegar
1 tsp honey
a pinch of dried basil
a pinch of dried oregano
salt & pepper

Steps :
For the dressing. Mix all ingredients until well combined.

Arrange salad leaves into a salad bowl, then other ingredients onto the leaves.

Pour in the dressing, mix them until combined. Serve immediately with baguette slices.

Recipe by Veronica & husband

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