Pork Buns

My pork buns are made with flavorful pork filling. This will be perfect for your breakfast or afternoon snack 😉

Pork Buns (Photo credit : Veronica)
Pork Buns (Photo credit : Veronica)

Pork Buns

Makes 16 buns

You need :
a stand mixer (optional)
a steamer

Ingredients :
Buns :
400 gr flour
50 gr butter
80 gr sugar
pinch of salt
1 pack dry yeast
1 tsp baking powder
200 ml warm water

Filling :
800 gr pork belly, cut into small cubes
120 ml water
1 garlic, peel and crush
1 star anise
¾ tsp five spice powder
1 tbsp Chinese thick soy sauce
2 tbsp sugar
½ tbsp salt
1 tbsp honey
½ tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp kecap manis

Steps :
For the filling. Put all ingredients (pork and the spices) into a pot, stir them evenly. Cook over medium heat until the pork fully cooked. Turn off the heat and leave to cool. After it cooled down, put them in the fridge overnight.

For the buns. Add dry yeast and sugar into warm water and wait for about 2 minutes to activate the yeast. Put flour, salt and baking powder into a bowl of stand mixer (or a mixing bowl if you use your hand to knead), add in butter and water yeast mixture. Mix and knead with medium high speed until become a smooth dough (the dough should not stick into your hand) and form it into a ball.

Put the dough back to the bowl, cover the bowl with a clean cloth and put it in warm place or in room temperature to rise until double in volume. It will take about 1.5 - 2 hours. After the dough rises, press it then take it out from the bowl. Divide it into 16 small balls (about 50 gr each).

Take a dough ball, flatten it with hand or a rolling pin, then put about 1-1.5 tbsp filling into the center. Close it carefully by pinching the edge. Repeat this process until all finished.

Preheat the steamer, then steam the buns until they rise, about 20 minutes. Turn off the steamer then transfer the buns into a plate. Serve warm.

Recipe by Veronica

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