Potato Cream Soup

Leftover potatoes could be turned into awesome appetizer or kids meal. Don't forget to let your homemade Croutons join into the bowl.

Potato Cream Soup (Photo credit : Veronica)
Potato Cream Soup (Photo credit : Veronica)

Potato Cream Soup

Serve : 2

You need :
a heat resistant stab mixer or blender

Ingredients :
600 gr potato, peel and chop
½ onion, peel and chop
3 tbsp olive oil
500 ml chicken/beef stock
200 gr cream
Salt and pepper to taste
chopped parsley leaves

Steps :
Into a pot over medium high heat, add in olive oil and onions, fry onions until fragrance for 2 minutes.

Add in the potatoes and chicken/beef stock. Boil them until the potatoes soften, then blend with the stab mixer or blender until smooth (or just using the pulse button for few times to make a chunky texture).

Pour in the cream, season with salt and pepper. Transfer into serving bowls, garnish with chopped parsley leaves and croutons.

Recipe by Veronica

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