Sambal Matah (Balinese Raw Chili Salsa)

I would say that sambal (chili paste) plays an important roles in Indonesian food culture. Almost every Indonesian dish has its chili paste. It means, there are many kind of sambal in Indonesian cuisine. For example : Sambal Merah (red chili paste), Sambal Terasi (Shrimp Chili Paste), sambal kacang (peanut chili sauce), sambal tomat (tomatoes chili paste), sambal balado (from west sumatera province), etc.

"Sambal" itsself means "chili paste" or "chili sauce". It is usually made from fresh chilies (red chilies, green chilies, bird's eye chilies) and another different spices such as shallots, garlics, coriander or shrimp paste, tomatoes, tamarind, etc. These are crushed first using a mortar and pestle then fried in a pan until fully cooked.

In this post, I share my sambal recipe. Sambal matah comes from Bali, which means "raw sambal". I translate it as "raw salsa" because it's more like mexican style salsa which is raw (not cooked). We just need to cut the ingredients then mix them with lime juice or vinegar and hot oil. That's all! Sambal matah is usually served with meat or fish dishes such as baked fish, roasted chicken or roasted pork belly.

Sambal Matah (Photo credit : Veronica)

Sambal Matah (Balinese Raw Chili Salsa)

Serve : 5

Ingredients :
3 shallots, peel and slice
2 tomatoes, dice
7 green bird’s eye chilies, remove the stalks and slice
7 red bird’s eye chilies, remove the stalks and slice
2 tbsp lime juice (or white vinegar)
2 lime leaves, chop
1 lemongrass, slice
1 pinch of salt
5 tbsp cooking oil

Steps :
Add in all ingredients except oil into a bowl.

Prepare a pan over medium high heat. Pour in oil into the pan and wait until the oil is hot. Turn off the heat.

Pour the hot oil into the shallot and chili mixture. Stir them until combined.

Recipe by Veronica

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