Sauteed Bean Sprouts and Tofu

It's colorless but it taste flavorful! Another vegetable dish from my kitchen, if you're a vegan, just skip the dried shrimps 😉

Sauteed Bean Sprouts and Tofu (Photo credit : Veronica)
Sauteed Bean Sprouts and Tofu (Photo credit : Veronica)

Sauteed Bean Sprouts and Tofu

Serve : 4

Ingredients :
350 gr bean sprouts
200 gr tofu, cut into small squares
2 tbsp cooking oil
frying oil
1 garlic, peel and smash
1 red chili, remove the seeds and slice thinly
1 stalk spring onion, slice thinly
1 tbsp dried shrimps, soak in hot water until soften
3 tbsp water
Salt and pepper to taste

Steps :
Prepare a frying pan over high heat, fill it with enough oil. When the oil is hot enough, fry the tofu until slightly golden brown. Drain onto paper towel and set aside.

Into another pan over medium high heat, add in cooking oil, garlic, chili and dried shrimps. Fry them until fragrance, about 1 minute. Then add in bean sprouts and water. Saute them until soften a little bit.

Add in tofu, spring onion and season with salt and pepper. Stir well then turn off the heat. Transfer into a serving plate. Serve with cooked white rice and another meat dishes.

Recipe by Veronica

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