Sauteed Bokchoy and Shimeji Mushroom

Another sauteed vegetable recipe. I'm happy that I don't have to drive to asian market to buy bokchoy, you can now find good quality bokchoy in almost every german supermarkets with a reasonable price. Bokchoy can be cooked/sauteed with meat or other veggies. In this recipe, I combine them with shimeji mushroom which I could find also in a german supermarket,  a good companion with steamed white rice and for your meat dishes. For vegans, just skip the oyster sauce 😉

Of course, you can use another kind of mushrooms like Sauteed Bokchoy and Black Ear Mushrooms or just combine them with other ingredients like tofu: Sauteed Bokchoy and Tofu

Sauteed Bokchoy and Shimeji Mushroom (Photo credit : Veronica)

Sauteed Bokchoy and Shimeji Mushroom

Serve : 2

Ingredients :
300 gr bokchoy, chop
200 gr brown shimeji mushrooms, trim the roots
1 clove garlic, peel and smash
1 tbsp cooking oil
½ tbsp oyster sauce
50 ml water
salt and pepper

Steps :
Prepare a pan over medium-high heat. Add in oil and garlic, saute the garlic until fragrance.

Add in mushroom, saute them for 1 minute. Then add in chopped bokchoy. Saute them for a while.

Add in water, oyster sauce, salt and pepper. Stir them for another 2 minutes. Turn off the heat. Transfer into a serving bowl. Enjoy with steam white rice and another dishes like Braised Pork in Sweet Soy Sauce, Sweet and Sour Pork, Sweet and Sour Fish, Chicken Teriyaki, Hainan Chicken, etw.

Recipe by Veronica

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