Seafood Paella

Paella, my most favorite food since my first visit to Spain. Paella (read : pa-e-ya) is Spanish rice dishes, which originally come from Valencia (Paella Valenciana). It has different kinds of paella, such as seafood paella, black paella (with squid ink), vegetarian paella, etc. Seafood paella is the most common paella you can find in Spanish restaurants. Although it is called "seafood" but it usually has pork or chicken, and sometimes rabbit meat.

I can't find any Spanish restaurant near my place, so why don't I cook it myself. I've learned how to cook it by a "paella cooking demonstration" in the hotel where I stayed. But my paella is unfortunately not so authentic like because I don't use fresh seafood, I use frozen shrimps and clams It's not easy to find fresh seafood here because I don't live in sea area. I love to use my paella pan, just like original paella serving in Spain. I bought it by my second visit. But don't worry if you don't have this kind of pan, just use a flat-bottomed non-stick pan.

Seafood Paella (Photo credit : Veronica)
Seafood Paella (Photo credit : Veronica)
Paella in serving (Photo credit : Veronica)
Paella in serving (Photo credit : Veronica)

Seafood Paella

Serve : 3

You need :
a paella pan or a flat-bottomed pan
a pan lid

Ingredients :
250 gr paella rice or risotto rice
600 ml fish stock or chicken stock or pork stock
100 gr frozen peas
1 ½ tbsp tomato paste
200 gr pork loin, chop
150 gr shrimp
150 gr clams or shellfish
Lemon juice
½ onion, peel and chop
5 tbsp olive oil
Pinch of saffron
salt and pepper to taste

Steps :
Into the pan over medium high heat, add in olive oil, onion and pork. Saute until the pork is half cooked.

Then add in tomato paste and the rice. Saute them for a while.

Pour in 200 ml stock and wait until it reduces. Repeat this process until the stock is finished and the rice cooked. In between add in the peas and saffron, season with salt and pepper. Stir carefully.

Spread the shrimps and clams onto the rice. Do not stir them. Turn down the heat and cover with the lid. Continue cooking until the shrimps and clams are well cooked. Squeeze lemon juice over it. Turn off the heat and serve.

Recipe by Veronica

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