Smoked Salmon Crepe Rolls

You have a party at home? This could be a great party snack. They taste delicious, combination of a little sweetness from the crepes and saltiness from the smoked salmon, and they also get a thin rub of the herb cream cheese.

Smoked Salmon Crepe Rolls (Photo credit : Veronica)
Smoked Salmon Crepe Rolls (Photo credit : Veronica)

Smoked Salmon Crepe Rolls

Serve : 12

You need :
a non-stick flat-bottom pan with diameter 28 cm

Ingredients :
200 gr smoked salmon in thin slices
200 gr cream cheese with herbs

Crepe (makes 6 crepes) :
150 gr all purpose flour
1 egg
350 ml milk
pinch of salt
2 tbsp sugar
½ tsp baking powder
1 tbsp butter, melt

Steps :
Prepare the pan over medium heat. Wait until the pan is hot enough.

For the crepes batter, mix all ingredients into a mixing bowl, with a balloon whisk stir them evenly until incorporated.

Pour about 100 ml of the batter into the hot pan, shake the pan slowly to spread the batter. Wait until the bottom side become golden brown, then flip it. Wait again for few seconds then transfer it into a plate to cool down. Repeat this process until the batter finished.

After the crepes cooled down, take a crepe, spread the cream cheese into it with a bread knife. Then place a few slices of smoked salmon onto the middle. Then roll it. Slice it into 1 cm thick. Repeat this process for five more crepes.

Recipe by Veronica

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